At De Spiegelonderzoek, we believe that empowering refugees and other marginalized communities to engage in research is an important part of our mission. As such, we offer training and support to refugees who are interested in learning how to conduct semi-structured interviews as part of our research services.

Our training program is designed to provide refugees with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully conduct semi-structured interviews and gather high-quality data. The training includes both theoretical and practical components, and covers topics such as:

  • The principles of semi-structured interviews
  • How to develop a set of interview questions and themes
  • How to conduct an interview effectively
  • How to build rapport and establish trust with interviewees
  • How to handle difficult or sensitive topics
  • How to transcribe and code interview data
  • How to deal with privacy and anonymizing the data

Our training program is tailored to the needs and experiences of refugees and is designed to be culturally sensitive and responsive. We believe that by empowering refugees to engage in research, we can build their skills and knowledge and contribute to their capacity building.

We are proud to offer this training as part of our services and are committed to supporting refugees in their journey to become successful research interviewers.