Language and cultural interpreters play an integral role in research projects involving refugee populations, as they act as a bridge between the researcher and the participants. In order to ensure successful and accurate data collection, interpreters must be well-trained in language, culture, and research methodology. Here, we outline some tips for training refugees to be effective language and culture interpreters in research projects.

We offer training and support to refugees who are interested in learning how to be research interpreters and translators as part of our research services.

Our training program is designed to provide refugees with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully interpret and translate during research projects. The training includes both theoretical and practical components, and covers topics such as:

  • The principles of research interpretation and translation
  • How to interpret accurately and effectively during research interviews and focus groups
  • How to handle difficult or sensitive topics during research
  • How to build rapport and establish trust with research participants
  • How to use translation software and tools to accurately translate research documents
  • How to transcribe and code translation data

Our training program is tailored to the needs and experiences of refugees and is designed to be culturally sensitive and responsive. We believe that by empowering refugees to engage in research interpretation and translation, we can build their skills and knowledge and contribute to their capacity building.

We are proud to offer this training as part of our research services and are committed to supporting refugees in their journey to become successful research interpreters and translators. By training refugees to be research interpreters and translators, we can not only help to build their skills and knowledge, but also increase the accessibility and inclusivity of our research projects.”

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