De Spiegel is an innovative research agency in which refugees are not only the focus of the research, but also help shape the research themselves. This gives De Spiegel access to unique high-quality data, partly because the founders of De Spiegel are deeply rooted in the target group. Since 2016, Younes Younes, through his Yalla Foundation, has built an extensive network within the refugee community in the Netherlands, and people and organizations working with refugees. Because the Mirror is rooted in the experiential world of those it researches, it can provide better input for policy.

De Spiegelonderzoek is a reliable and responsible cooperation partner. For example, we have a lot of experience in collecting (interview) data, leading group discussions, and mobilizing, involving and engaging refugees and other groups. In addition, integrity and transparency are central to us. We work confidentially, with informed consent, and with respect for the privacy of our respondents. We also try to verify the data obtained through other sources where possible. This produces high-quality and truthful findings.

De Spiegelonderzoek aims to really work as a mirror. We do not simply supply the data, but we also provide an analysis, place it in context, reflect on it, interpret the data, and provide possible policy interventions if they follow from the data.

Spiegelonderzoek represents a vivid workshop between Dutch scholars and highly involved and educated refugees from different countries, including Syria, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. Therefore, our field of focus are:

1- Data collection, including research interviews, surveys, and fieldwork.

2- Data analysis

3- Organizing focus groups

4- Contextual translators from Arabic, Tigrinya, Farsi, and Pashto.

5- Designing research questions and topic lists

6- Policy advice